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The Organization

MAGDALO Para Sa Pilipino Party-List

Mission: To advocate good governance and influence policies that would improve the lives of the Filipino people.



To be the leading sectoral organization that promotes the interest and welfare of the sectors of former and retired uniformed personnel, youth and urban poor.


Core Values:

Service, Honor, Independence, Excellence, Loyalty, Duty


About the Organization

Magdalo Para Sa Pilipino Party List (MPPL) is a sectoral political organization that represents the following sectors: 1) former and retired AFP & PNP, 2) Urban Poor and 3) Youth. It advocates change and reforms in the society by policy-making and proposing measures to address the problems of the society. It focuses on promoting good governance, security sector reform, poverty alleviation, citizen engagement, sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

It was established 27th of July 2010 in Quezon City by a group of retired and former AFP who fought corruption during the previous administration. In 2013, MPPL won in the national elections with 567,000 votes that secured the party list with two seats. Magdalo was represented by Hon. Gary Alejano and Hon. Francisco Ashley Acedillo.

During the first term of Magdalo in the 16th Congress, it filed five hundred fifteen (515) bills and resolutions. Magdalo were able to enact thirteen (13) laws, four (4) of which were principally authored while nine (9) were co-authored by the Representatives. Magdalo enacted four principal authored bills that made them the top party list in the 16th Congress in terms of bills enacted into laws. Magdalo became the voice of individuals in our society who seeks reforms and desires better government.

Aside from the numerous legislations accomplished by the Magdalo Party-List, the Representatives have also initiated several infrastructure projects during their stint in the 16th Congress. The projects initiated by the Party-List, amounting to Php249 million, greatly benefited its constituents that provided them improved access to government programs and projects and helped bridge the poor and marginalized sector towards development.

Moreover, the Representatives of the Magdalo Party-List also provided various assistance programs to its constituents. In partnership with the different government agencies, thousands of beneficiaries received support as follows: CHED – 6,270; TESDA -1,568; DOH – 7,158; DSWD – 10,711; DOLE – 350.

In spite of these outstanding accomplishments and perfect attendance of the Representatives, MPPL secured only one (1) seat in the 2016 National Elections. Unfortunately, Rep. Ashley Acedillo lost his seat and Rep. Gary Alejano remained to represent the MPPL in the 17th Congress.

Despite this setback to the organization, Rep. Gary Alejano continues to pursue the advocacies of the Magdalo in providing every Filipino better welfare and services. As of this writing, Rep. Gary Alejano has already filed one hundred thirty one (131) bills and resolutions. Rep. Gary Alejano is determined to push for the policies and measures that are focused on eradicating poverty, enhancing good governance, and improving peace and order towards a better Philippines.