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Children of War, a Festival of Peace

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Our heartfelt thanks to Magdalo Partylist Congressmen, Cong. Gary Alejano & Cong. Ashley Acedillo for giving a part of your hearts to the children of war!

Thanks for being there for us, to propose/make laws protecting the Welfare of the children in armed conflict areas not only Basilan but of the whole nation. Laws that can ensure that children caught in a war of adults are provided the appropriate therapy for mind, body and spirit. Laws that combatants can ensure that clear, rigorous standards are implemented to ensure the protection of children caught in armed conflicts.

May the combatants always remember the children. These children are our future, as we were the future of our elders.

To our beloved guests, please help us save the future of our children and, perhaps, one of these children who were affected the most may be the ones who will decide to end war.


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