Altruism is the essence of governance.

The Magdalo Party envisions a country of peace, progress and prosperity with a united and empowered Filipino citizenry living in a sustainable environment.

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Universal Doctrine

We believe in God, the Supreme Being and the Creator of all things. We also believe that all persons are created equal and every person has inalienable rights: the right to life; the right to be free from bondage; the right to property; and the right to live the life that he chooses for as long as it does not infringe on another person’s own freedom and dignity, the common good and the environment.


We envision a country of peace, progress and prosperity with a united and empowered Filipino citizenry, living in a sustainable environment.

PEACE is the ultimate pursuit of mankind. It is the complete harmony of all God’s creations. In the social context, it refers to the blissful union of all citizens of our country and our co-existence with other nations.

PROGRESS refers to the forward movement toward a society that is very much capable of facing the needs of the present and prepared for the challenges of the future. It is characterized by a modern state that provides a safe, clean, efficient and convenient habitat for the Filipinos. However, it should be tempered by sustainable development practices; preservation of our culture and heritage; and the respect for the environment.

PROSPERITY is defined as the abundance of material wealth for every Filipino that each one’s interests and desires may be freely pursued within the bounds of the nation’s laws. It presupposes the satisfaction of the individual’s basic needs and that of every Filipino family to include housing, education, and healthcare.

UNITED and EMPOWERED FILIPINO CITIZENRY. Being united is when all Filipinos, regardless of ethnic origin, have a sense of nation or kinship with one another. During times of crises, they would have compassion for one another and, during times of war, would rise up together in defense of their country. Being empowered meanwhile, refers to Filipinos exercise of the right to self-determination, as well as the willingness and capacity to participate in the affairs of the state.

SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT involves taking actions that would protect the natural world or, in cases of exploitation to meet the needs of the present, to allow it to regenerate so as not to compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


We believe in the following core principles: nationalism, patriotism, idealism and altruism. 

NATIONALISM is defined as Filipino’s love for the Philippines by taking pride in its people, government, culture and heritage. It makes the Filipinos, who are scattered across geographically separated islands and all over the world, unify into one proud nation.

PATRIOTISM is the Filipino’s unqualified loyalty and devotion for the Philippines and the willingness to sacrifice for the motherland in times of adversity, whether fighting foreign invaders or resisting an oppressive government.

IDEALISM refers to the pursuit of a model Philippine society: a safe, healthy and free society that fosters happiness to the Filipino people; a government that promotes national interests, the common good and is responsive to the needs of the people; and a bureaucracy run by honest, competent, selfless, hardworking and efficient public servants.

ALTRUISM is defined as the Filipino people’s selfless concern for the well-being of other Filipinos and their fellow human beings.

Governance Philosophy

We subscribe to altruistic governance and the centrist philosophy as guides to public policymaking.

ALTRUISTIC GOVERNANCE is where the national leaders and policymakers have a genuine concern for the Filipino people and where the end of governance, at the minimum, is to ensure the well-being of the Filipino people. Operationally, this means that the government’s mandatory objectives are to guarantee the Filipino people’s safety and security; access to quality and free or affordable healthcare; access to quality and free education; access to decent and free housing facilities; and opportunity to live comfortable lives and realize their dreams.

CENTRIST PHILOSOPHY is where policy issues/problems are resolved through research-based policy alternatives without being restricted by any traditional ideology (i.e. Left or Right).


Eugene Louie P. Gonzales

Eugene Louie Gonzales

Security Specialist, Anti-Terrorism Consultant, and Former Officer of the Philippine Navy

Antonio Sonny Trillanes IV

Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV

Former Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, Former Officer of the Philippine Navy

Gary Alejano

Gary Alejano Sr.

Former Member – House of Representatives, Former Officer of the Philippine Navy

Manuel Cabochan

Manuel Cabochan III

Former Member – House of Representatives, Former Officer of the Philippine Navy